Bringing Light into Darkness

Host(s): Pedro Gatos
Monday News & Analysis surrounding US & US foreign policy news.
Bringing Light into Darkness - Pedro Gatos
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Bringing Light into Darkness

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Since 2002, Pedro Gatos, KOOP’s longest running news and public affairs program host, invites you to tune into Bringing Light Into Darkness each week to join him and his esteemed guests present investigative findings and historically contexted news and analysis surrounding US & US foreign policy news. Each week we pry open the Closed Universe of Discourse, the ‘Darkness’, ‘the controlled informational environment’ monopolized by mainstream media, which regularly omits important contradicting information to identifying and challenging unproven narratives. Therefore, Do not Believe Everything You Think as it is these narratives that too often falsely define the problem and therefore make a peaceful and coexistent solution such a remote possibility.

Big and powerful bullying foreign policy initiatives use a multitude of constantly evolving methods to dominate economies of the lesser powerful nations it seeks to control while certain countries or entities are demonized.

Engineer Collective: Darkside Daddy, Greg Ciotti, Erin Cornett, Bob Dailey & Steve Barber

Pedro says: I was born in ATX. I won the Univ of Texas Home Run Derby in late 1970s. It has been my great privilege and honor to have been programmer at KOOP Radio since 2002. I am passionate about the sanctity of life and the pursuit of social justice; morally outraged by the atrocities we enabled in Central America & the Caribbean during the 1950s through the 1990s that have triggered the immigration crises of today as well as my own interest in social theory. Sadly I have been discovering through continuous constant study through today, they were not aberrations but policy the US public knows far too little about or else US taxpayers would not stand for it. We seek to follow the truth no matter where it leads us.

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