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Posted on: September 3, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

A 40 Year Employment History of Assessing, Counseling & Educating DWI Offenders in Travis County: What Should we Teach our Kids? Pt II

(due to technical error, this show failed to pay on KOOP last week so was reloaded for this week-pg) This is Part II of a series of BLID shows that actually began two weeks ago on 8/14/28 under the title , A Four Decade Employment History of Assessing, Counseling & Educating Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and other Alcohol and other Drug (AOD) Offenders in Travis County.

In Part I we sought first to first provide a behind the scenes focus on how since the mid-1980s, in its effort to protect public safety, the Travis County criminal justice system evolved its rather comprehensive approach to addressing the DWI problem in Travis County. We discussed new DWI legislation that emerged in the 1980s. We discussed how the county developed an extensive assessment process to identify and separate those offenders who did not have serious problems with drinking from those that had very serious problems with drinking as well as what criteria identified those with different variations of alcohol misuse issues in between those two extremes. We also shared a continuum of education, counseling and treatment recommendation options that paralleled what we called our Chemical Use Misuse Continuum (CUMC). And lastly, we reviewed the case management system that monitored compliance or non-compliance with the court ordered counseling recommendations.

Last week due a KOOP Radio work commitment instead of producing part II of our series, we replayed an “opiate Crisis” show from the previous month.

Tonight, we return to our original theme and focus which includes the educational and motivational approach and educational content conveyed by court mandated education and counseling programming classes I have been teaching since the 1980s. What motivates clients to listen, participate and learn? What makes the human vessel magical? Why do Women have higher blood alcohol concentrations than men who weigh the same and drink the same amount over the same time period? How is alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream, delivered to the brain and then how is it removed from the body system? We explain & crack the egg on all these issues.

We do so because we believe this will be pragmatically valuable to community members to know more about human health issues and the impact of alcohol/drug use and misuse on the magical host, our human brain and body. We do so because through this journey, we believe once you get to know more about yourself as a magical host, within which the drugs you may take realize their effects and change your internal human brain and body functionality in the process if abused, that once you become better informed it will lead to better health related decisions about your alcohol and other drug use choices you make for the future. We can promise you this presentation is presented by someone who is intimately familiar with the science behind its content. Please join us and judge the content for yourself!