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Posted on: May 29, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

Memorial Day Reflections from a Vietnam War US Medic Veteran & Seeking Honest Casualty Rates: Release Lira! Part II

On Memorial Day we share reflections from Alan Pogue a Vietnam Medic and Chaplain assistant on how to honor the memories of the fallen. Alan Pogue co-founder of the Austin Chapter of Veterans for Peace also is on KOOP Radio’s Community Council and describes his experiences in Vietnam including the 1968 Tet Offensive. We also return to our focus on jailed journalist Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine and share words of his father and those of Alexander Mercouris, editor of the Duran regarding his unjust incarceration since May 1st.
We also return to the issue of casualty rates and suggest that the US public is once again being deceived into believing Russia not Ukraine is suffering debilitating fatality rates. We present our contradictory findings in the form of six different estimates in time from August 2022 through May 3, 2023 that are internally consistent with each other. They include military as well as non-military political leaders from all sides of the conflict.

Additionally, we include evidence to suggest that the fatality numbers we believe to be closest to the truth, and which are completely and diametrically opposed by our government and mainstream media provided numbers, are in fact ones whose integrity YOU should pay attention to and consider as trustworthy. That evidence is cited from a March 2023 posting from the Moon of Alabama which documents the number of shellings a reflection of the artillery advantage that Russia has displayed since the initiation of their Special Operation invasion in February 2022. Those numbers are a staggering 10 to 1 ratio (admitted to by both sides) and the author provides proof that past wars casualty rates generally parallel artillery superiority. This makes the western claims that Russian losses are multiple times grater than Ukraine’s clearly a deceitful misrepresentation.
Please join us tonight as we seek to raise the fog of propaganda and bring light into the darkness our media and government is promoting around the Ukraine war.
Again we believe a potential motive to mislead the US public about these casualty rates is that if the US public knew of the truly one-sided carnage taking place, , as the honorable people we are, we would demand an end to the war. A war that continues because we (our US government) are the primary funders of and therefore are primarily responsible for.