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Posted on: July 24, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

The US Foreign Policy is a Bomb: A Joe Biden, Elliot Abrams Bipartisan Foreign Policy Mantra, with Dave DeCamp

Sarah Jones in a recent 7/6/23 piece, Why Is the Biden Administration Rewarding Elliott Abrams? Describes Elliot Abrams this way:

“In 1981, an American-created military unit in El Salvador raped and murdered its way through several hamlets, including the village of El Mozote. Elliott Abrams, then new to his role as Reagan’s assistant secretary of State for human rights and humanitarian affairs, insisted that news reports had overstated the breadth of the massacre. In remarks to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Abrams dismissed the credibility of the numbers. Guerrillas had twisted the event for their own ends, he argued. We now know this to be false: A U.N. truth commission uncovered evidence of about a thousand murders….”

On Monday (7/3/23), CNN reported that the Biden administration had appointed Elliot Abrams to the prestigious United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy. The problem here is this guy is not just a war criminal who enabled and defended death squad activity and all sorts of hideous human right s violations under US foreign policy during the 1980s. He is also a convicted perjurer… We share a US foreign policy history most Americans have been insulated from. How could such a monster return again and agin to US government positions of human rights importance? It speaks volumes of our president and our foreign policy.

Dave DeCamp, a fulltime news editor and writer for since 2020, joins us to connect the historical dots largely ignored by MSM as we review one of his recent articles on the same.. DeCamp also discusses the overall geopolitical forces at work that are shaping our world and keeping us from making our foreign policy accountable to our democratic aspirations. We end the show with a tribute to Tony Bennett …so please stay tuned… Enjoy