Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 5/22 @ 6 PM

Posted on: May 22, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

Ukraine Repression & Seeking Honest Casualty Rates: Release Lira! Tonight’s show has two main themes. One is to overview the increased but unreported repression occurring in Ukraine as reported by our guest Branko Marcetic a staff writer at Jacobin magazine who describes in his 2/25/23 article The State of Ukrainian Democracy Is Not Strong that more than five thousand journalists and others who applied for press accreditation to work in separatist areas in 2016, have been labeled as “terrorist collaborators” sparking threats against them and their families. The article also describes an environment of repression in which 11 political parties have been banned in addition to the free speech which has been criminalized and where there has been attacks by the government against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as well as the crackdown on anything that respects or promotes the Russian cultural heritage of millions of current and formal Ukrainians.

The other main theme connected to the first is the recent rearrest of US citizen and journalist Gonzalo Lira by the Ukraine SBU on or about May 1st, 2023, as a result of these new ‘laws’ and who has been reporting from Kharkiv Ukraine the last few years. Importantly, is what he and other legitimate sources have been reporting about casualty rates because of the war and that they are in complete contradiction to what our MSM and government have been reporting. We cite not just Lira’s estimates but those estimates of four other informed sources that since August of last year have provided estimates consistent with his own and suggest untenable death rate ratios of from 6 to 10 to 1 of Ukrainian military to Russian military deaths. Sources include informed sources that vary from military expert Colonel Douglas MacGregor and former US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter to Ursula von Der Leyen current President of the European Commission since 2019 and democratic Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. We feature interview excerpts from both Lira and MacGregor that we believe are worthy of consideration. MacGregor claims that there is an ‘Empire of Lies ‘that we are once again being fed by our MSM and US government regarding casualty rates.

MacGregor also reveals the degree of annihilation of life and livelihood in Ukraine, a humanitarian crisis with tens of millions of lives destroyed in Ukraine, claiming 11 million or more have now left Ukraine. He cites estimates that Ukraine started with a population of 34.5 million in the country, now (as of 5/3/23 interview) down to 18-19 million with most reporting they will not be going back. Meanwhile he estimates no less than 300 thousand military Ukrainian deaths compared to 30 thousand Russian deaths. At the same time presidential candidate RFK Jr on 5/8/23 claimed 300,000 Ukrainian servicemen and 40,000 civilians dead adding, “What we’re doing in Ukraine is not good for the Ukrainian people.”

A potential motive to lie to the US public about these casualty rates we argue is that if the US public knew of the true one-sided carnage taking place largely as a result of US foreign policy in the region, we would demand an end to the war. A war that we are the primary funders of and therefore orchestrating.