The Emo Diaries at ACL Part II

Posted on: October 27, 2022
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The Emo Diaries

Tyler Jordan of Good Look

Austin-local since 2006, Tyler Jordan is not only an excellent kickball player, but also writes, fronts, and plays guitar in Keeled Scales’ Good Looks. We sat down on Zoom for a chat about their history, their future, and the Austin music community’s beautiful response to fellow bandmate Jake Ames’ shocking accident earlier this year.

Disclaimer: Tyler is a personal acquaintance, so this interview gets kind of in the weeds. We used to play kickball together every week and we got a little lost talking about it near the end.

Stream “Bummer Year” (which, weirdly enough, was written prior to 2020) wherever you listen to music. You can also watch the interview below:


Britt Daniel

I am so happy to have gotten to chat with fellow former Temple resident and current Austin legend Britt Daniel from the band Spoon during ACL

We talked about Austin, first concerts, and where else Lucifer might turn up. I also got a great history lesson about our own KOOP as well as our sister station KVRX, where Britt used to be a DJ.

“I started there when I was a junior in UT. And then I after I graduated, I kept taking classes so that I could keep working at the radio station.” And if you like classic country, check out Paris-based artist Theo Lawrence.

Stream “Lucifer On The Sofa” wherever you listen to music. You can also watch the interview below:


Primo the Alien

Austin electropop sensation Primo the Alien was scheduled to make her ACL Fest debut last year but was an unfortunate casualty of the rain. While we had to wait a year for her to rock the Tito’s stage, it was not a year wasted. She and her band came out, worked through technical issues, and still managed to slay the pants off everyone in the audience.

Earlier this fall, she also got her chance to blow away everyone in Q2 Stadium when she performed the national anthem at the Austin FC game on September 14.

“I was terrified,” she said. “But once I started hitting the notes and everyone started cheering, then it was just exhilarating and amazing to hear that many people cheering for me at once.”

Watch my interview with her below (featuring her performance of “My Delorean”) and streamher latest album “Heart on the Run (Deluxe Edition)” wherever you listen to music. You can also hear audio from the interview and some of her songs on the October 21 episode of The Emo Diaries at 4:30pm!

Interviews by Stephanie Robinson