The Emo Diaries at ACL Part I

Posted on: October 27, 2022
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The Emo Diaries

Charlotte Sands

Nashville-based rising queen of pop punk, Charlotte Sands, is known for her epic collaborations with established genre royalty such as The Maine and Sleeping With Sirens, but the blue-haired songstress is so much more than the songs she guests on.

I was really looking forward to speaking with her about mental health awareness, not only personally, but because it’s something that KOOP is highlighting during the month of October. “I feel like a lot of artists come forward and talk about the fact that they go to therapy, they really push other people going to therapy and like think it’s really helpful. I am one of those people,” she said. “I think that taking care of yourself and taking care of your mental health and your emotional well-being and your body as a whole is the only way that you can take care of other people and actually live a healthy life… I think it’s just helpful for everybody to have somebody who’s on your side and somebody who supports you and just wants you to be your best self.”

Stream “Love and Other Lies” wherever you listen to music. You can also listen to the interview below:




Me Nd Adam

On Tuesday, October 4, Adam Walker and Vince Winik of “Austin’s very own trashwave trailblazers” Me Nd Adam took time out from their busy schedule to hang out on Zoom for a brief interview. I mean, they were literally so busy, they were in the hallway of a dorm. We talked about how they met, what “trashwave” is, and what it was like getting to open for The Killers and Johnny Marr! “It was a fabulous experience,” explained Vince. “It was easily one of our best shows ever, from a performance stance and having the biggest audience we’ve ever played to, so we were very grateful for the opportunity.”

They are also looking forward to headlining outside at Stubb’s in about 2 years. “We broke the rearview mirrors off a long time ago,” Adam said.

Stream “American Drip Pt. 1” wherever you listen to music. You can also watch the interview below:

Interviews by Stephanie Robinson