ROCO’s Eat Good Radio – Mon, 5/2 @ 1:30 PM

Posted on: May 1, 2022
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IMG_5436 - Gregory Ciotti

Eat Good Radio (on “Reflections of Community Outreach”) features guest Lesya Milam, who describes founding Gluten Free Banana Bread and the nonprofit Facilitate Stability.

Tune in Monday 2 May at 1:30 to hear how Lesya came to America, founded GF Banana Bread just as the lock down began but mostly the story behind Facilitate Stability, a nonprofit established to serve Ukrainians and their families in Central Texas as well as in Europe. There will be borscht!

Lesya also tells us about her favorite cheese, fromager d’affinois, a double smooth a creamy French cheese that is wonderful by itself or with fresh fruit of any season. Be a part of the EGR Guest Cheese of the Month Club by sampling this or any of the previous EGR guest recommended cheeses. Thee include absolutely delicious suggestions of; Parmigiano Reggiano, Rouge River Blue, Carne de Oveja, Humboldt Fog, Mozzarella and Midnight Moon.