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Posted on: May 1, 2022
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In 2014 Was Crimea really Invaded and then Illegally Annexed by Russia? Plus, Minsk Treaty Violations, 14 Thousand civilian deaths & Signs of an Impending Ukraine Slaughter in the Donbass all before the Russian Invasion

When you hear someone argue that Russia is unfairly being demonized what examples or proof for such an assertion would constitute that a such a claim might have merit? Tonight’s show gives a detailed analysis of a couple of such gross misrepresentations to the American public. Claims that sought to incriminate Russia, make Russia look like the evil aggressor if you will include that Russia aggressively and illegally annexed Crimea following the US February 2014 coup and that before they annexed Crimea thousands of Russian troops illegally invaded the Crimea ahead of that annexation. Two claims made by the US government and that were uncritically accepted and endlessly repeated since our main stream media and government pundits.

International law expert Alfredo de Zayas rejoins Bringing Light Into Darkness to discuss International Law and specifically address these concerns. Mr. De Zayas is an author, journalist and a law professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and served as a United Nations Independent Expert on International Order 2012-18.
We conclude the show with an important update on additional misunderstood and underreported contradictions regarding the Ukraine Russia conflict as geopolitical expert and investigative journalist Mike Whitney brings us up to speed around the betrayal of the Minsk Agreement by the west and the UN as well as the acceleration of bombing attacks some 30-fold by the Ukraine Army in the Donbass just days before the 2/24/22 Russian invasion. Increasingly is evidence emerging that what was presented as an unprovoked invasion by Russia of Ukraine was in fact provoked by Ukraine with the full backing of the US?
Please join us in our honest pursuit to get at the truth.