• Announcing a New Award Plaque for the KOOP Lobby

    KOOP’s program Boots On the Air has received the Texas Veterans Commission’s Excellence in Media Award in the Radio category. TVC cited the Sept. 2021 Boots story about how the American departure from Afghanistan was affecting veterans who served there and what the Department of Veterans Affairs and veteran service organizations were doing to help […]

  • KOOP Elections

    Attention KOOP listeners! Did you know that KOOP is a true cooperative, run primarily by volunteers and supporters? Now is your chance to take a leadership role in the KOOP radio family. We’re calling for Nominations to KOOP’s Board of Directors and Community Council. If you would like to serve the KOOP community in either […]

  • Artists and Musicians on Display for Penny Jo’s Shows

    Penny Jo Pullus began her KOOP tenure in 2018. She now hosts the Austin Artists Show and TeXchromosome. We spoke on September 21. Michael A. Brown: Tell us about what you’ve done at the station in your four years and about your two current programs. Penny Jo Pullus: My first show was TeXchromosome Radio, which […]

  • Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 9/19 @ 6 PM

    US Wealth Inequality is Driving US Foreign Policy & Media Bias: Ukraine from a Russian Perspective Recently I came across an important 2021 article which speaks to a common theme of Bringing Light Into Darkness, namely the gross levels of wealth inequality we have in the US. According to a 2021 op-ed written by Bernie […]

  • Check out this drive’s thank you gifts – The Texas Survival Kit!

    It’s fall membership drive and that means we’ve got some great thank-you gifts for our supporters. Check out the fantastic t-shirt design from volunteer Kayla Dockery, a sunshade to get you through Second Summer and a cooler tote that holds up to 30 cans or whatever else you’d like to keep cool, like your great […]

  • Movies On KOOP? You Bet! Just Ask Robert Sims

    Robert Sims is a top-flight radio guy who uses our medium to enlighten listeners about other media here in Austin … film, books about film, video, festivals, etc. We spoke on August 26. Michael A. Brown: Talk about the history and evolution of your show, Lights, Camera, Austin. Robert Sims: I have a background in […]

  • R.I.P John Aielli

    Safe travels to John Aielli, who passed away this weekend at the age of 76. A pillar of the Austin radio community for over 50 years, John brought his unique style to our mornings and was an inspiration to many KOOP programmers. His presence will be missed.

  • Lonesome Nights – Wed, 7/27 – Sahara Lounge

    KOOP Radio, Thundercloud Subs & The Lonesome Stranger present Lonesome Nights, a monthly country night at Sahara Lounge. Join us every last Wednesday for live tunes & records spun by The Lonesome Stranger DJs & friends. Our 5th edition features live music from Guma, Dan & Christy Foster, and Sarah Barlow plus DJ Jammertime Jeremiah. […]

  • If It Involves Volunteers, John Hardberger Does It

    John is KOOP’s Volunteer Coordinator. He also hosts Voyager every week and, once a month, Lonesome Stranger. We spoke on July 12. Michael A. Brown: Tell us about your background and how it helped prepare you for your job at KOOP. John Hardberger: I’ve always been a big music fan and a big radio fan. […]

  • Local Music Spotlight: The Lonesome Heroes

    The Band: The Lonesome Heroes is a cosmic Americana foursome fronted by lead singer and songwriter Rich Russell. Other members of the band include bassist Brandon Gonzalez, drummer Ben Galloway, and lead guitarist Gary Newcomb (also of seminal Austin band Li’l Cap’n Travis. Other friends and occasional band members come and go, depending on the […]