• Program HighlightsNov 15, 2020

    Reflections of Community Outreach: Diwali – Mon 11/16 @ 1:30 pm

    This Monday on KOOP Radio Reflections of Community Outreach, Kanya Lyons talks with Reshmi Chowdhury about Diwali and the Kali Puja festival of lights that takes place over the course of five days in November.

  • Program HighlightsNov 15, 2020

    Civil Rights and Wrongs – Tue 11/17 @ 6pm

    This Tuesday Sam Woolley returns to update us on misinformation and disinformation in 2020. Sam is a member of the faculty in the UT School of Journalism, and in the UT School of Information. In addition, he is Director of UT’s Center for Media Engagement, and author of The Reality Game: How the Next Wave […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 09, 2020

    COVID-19 Update

    Get a COVID Test: COVID cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in Travis County. Help reduce public health risks by staying at home when you’re able and by regularly getting COVID tests. If you have health insurance, contact your insurer for directions. If you don’t have health insurance, go to http://austintexas.gov/covid-testinfo for testing options, […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 08, 2020

    Boots on the Air – Monday, 11/9 @ 1:30pm

    KOOP’s series Boots On The Air continues Monday, November 9 at 1:30pm CDT / GMT -6. Join US Army vets Michael A. Brown and Perry Jefferies, plus KOOP’s Greg Ciotti for veterans’ news and two special Veterans Day features. Tune to 91.7 FM in Austin, worldwide at www.KOOP.org.

  • Program HighlightsNov 08, 2020

    Stronger Than Dirt – Saturday, 11/14 at 8:00pm

    Featured artists on this Saturday’s show include the Pretty Things, Jet, Carpettes, Finders, Plimsouls, Pulsallama, Epoxies, new music by 100 Flowers (LA), Gen Pop (Olympia WA), Sweeping Promises (Boston), Oh Sees (LA), and the Neutrals (Oakland), as well as the weekly Dusty Diamond. Let Stronger Than Dirt be your Saturday night quarantine party soundtrack!

  • Program HighlightsNov 03, 2020

    Stronger Than Dirt – Saturday, 11/7 at 8pm

    Featured artists on this Saturday’s show include the Carie Nations, Alice Cooper, Split Enz, Wipers, Prisoners, Pocket Fishrmen (Austin), The Ex, Holly Golightly, new music by Hearts and Rockets (Australia), Mal Thursday Quintet (Austin/USA), Smarts (Australia), and Naked Roommate (Berkley), as well as the weekly Dusty Diamond. Let Stronger Than Dirt be your Saturday night […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 03, 2020

    Psych Rock in 2020 – Sunday, 11/8 @ 4:30pm

    The term “Psychedelic Rock” tends to conjure thoughts of dripping 70’s fuzz, but the genre is still alive and well in 2020. Tune in Sunday, November 8th at 4:30pm for Love on the Dole – with special guest host Daine Vineyard – for proof that the reverb and reefer lives on today. Daine will be […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 02, 2020

    Additional Voting Resources

    For Travis County polling locations, wait times, your sample ballot, voter ID requirements and more The Who, What, When, Where & How of Voting in Texas What To Do if You Encounter Voter Intimidation Know Your Voting Rights Artwork by Mary Hollyman

  • Program HighlightsNov 02, 2020

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Thursday, 11/5 at 4:30pm

    November’s edition of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack raises a dry martini, shaken not stirred, in honor of the first and the best James Bond, Sean Connery, who died Oct. 31 at age 90. Host Robert Sims pays tribute to “The Untouchables” Oscar winner through songs and music from the films he made over the course […]

  • Program HighlightsNov 02, 2020

    The Sabotage of Democracy – Tue, 11/3 @ 6pm

    This Tuesday just before the polls close we’ll have a special edition of Civil Rights and Wrongs. Three familiar voices will review some of the notable events and themes from the Trump presidency: Michael King is the former News Editor for the Austin Chronicle, retired earlier this year; Jim Harrington is founder of the Texas […]