• If It Involves Volunteers, John Hardberger Does It

    John is KOOP’s Volunteer Coordinator. He also hosts Voyager every week and, once a month, Lonesome Stranger. We spoke on July 12. Michael A. Brown: Tell us about your background and how it helped prepare you for your job at KOOP. John Hardberger: I’ve always been a big music fan and a big radio fan. […]

  • On the Air and Off, Michelle Manning-Scott Serves the KOOP Community

    Michelle arrived in Austin in 2018 and quickly found her way to KOOP, where she says she can exercise her passions for media production and social justice. We spoke on June 15. Michael A. Brown: How did you first encounter KOOP? Michelle Manning-Scott: I found out about KOOP in 2011 because Robert Sims’ wife was […]

  • Artists In Residence: Candler Wilkinson Quartet

    I came to Austin for the first time in late August, 1996, at the end of a month-long road trip. We drove all night from Arizona and crashed at a friend’s house in North Campus. I had impressions, but really no idea what Austin was. Friends took us out that night to shows at the […]

  • The One-Seven: Happy Pride

    June is Pride Month here in the States. The mark that queer and trans musical acts have left on the music industry is unmistakable, undeniable, and irreplaceable. This edition of the One-Seven playlist is dedicated to  the LGBTQ+ artists and musical groups with queer/trans members who have called the state of Texas home. Happy Pride […]

  • Meet KOOP’s Renaissance Man

    For as long as I’ve been writing these features, Kim Simpson is the guy who makes them actually show up at the KOOP website. And he does much more for our radio station and beyond. We spoke on May 16. Michael A. Brown: Take us through your history with KOOP … what sorts of things […]

  • Local Carpenters’ Union Fights for Fair Compensation at Austin City Hall

    In the KOOP Community Council’s continued celebration of international labor rights and labor organizers for May Day 2022, we’re sharing this local news about the Central South Carpenters Regional Council’s April 12, 2022 press conference at Austin City Hall. The Tax Fraud Day of Action press conference brought awareness to the issue that current labor […]

  • SEX AT KOOP. And Now That You’re Interested…

    Liz Ross hosts The Sex Ed Show, serves on KOOP’s Board of Directors, and is involved with the effort to enhance the station’s News/Public Affairs (N/PA) programming. We spoke on April 28. Michael A. Brown: How did you and KOOP originally get together and what sorts of things were you involved in early-on? Liz Ross: […]

  • Music Video Premiere: “Smashed to Pieces” by Marry Cherry

    “There is a lack of the kind of music we like in the scene.  I just want to make fresh, chaotic soundscapes of straightforward, noisey rock.” – Adam  MARRY CHERRY is a new rock sound from the Austin underground.  They were founded by Adam Schnitzer (songwriting/vocals/guitar) and Stevie Trudell (drums) who began recording the first […]

  • “Gang of Four, we are still coming for you”—An Interview with Animals on TV

    Animals on TV are one of the most exciting bands to come up in the Austin music scene recently. They were nominated for best new act at the 2022 Austin Music Awards, and their latest single, “Marianne”, dropped March 17th. They’re a burst of energy and charisma on the stage, with frontman Rob Hogan dancing […]

  • KOOP’s High Mogul of Community Involvement – Chris Zozaski

    Long-time KOOPer Chris Zozaski has done it all … almost 500 shows, training, and in recent years, lots of volunteer projects in the Austin community. I spoke with him on March 15. Michael A. Brown: Tell us about your history with KOOP. Chris Zozaski: I think 2010 was when I joined the station … with […]