Sweet Tea: KB Brookins on Growing up Black, Trans and Queer in the South

Posted on: June 20, 2024
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2024_06-20_SweetTea_KBBrookins - Parke Ballantine

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Sweet Tea: An LGBTQIA2S+ show dedicated to celebrating and exploring queer life and style in the South.

For the very first episode, host Parke (she/they) is honored to welcome an extraordinary guest: KB Brookins (they/them), an Austin based celebrated cultural worker and writer. KB brings a wealth of insight and depth rooted in their lived experience growing up Black, trans and queer in Texas. Their new book, Pretty, serves as both a memoir and call for change, capturing the complexities and beauties of all their intersections.

Tune in Monday June 24th at 1pm to hear this first episode and learn more about the queer community here in Austin. Whether you’re tuning in from your car, your home, or anywhere in between, Sweet Tea is here to remind you that our stories are powerful, our identities are undeniable (as KB would say), and our community is as sweet as it is strong.

Find out more about KB Brookins and their new book Pretty:
KB Brookins