Party Stains – A Weekly Update from Stronger Than Dirt

Posted on: June 20, 2024
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Some FEATURED ARTISTS on this week’s Stronger Than Dirt (Saturday, June 22, 8-10pm) include the Luv’d Ones, Crime, Scruffs, Department S, Oingo Boingo, Hazel O’Connor, Vamps, Shelley’s Children, Embrooks, lots of new music as well as the weekly Dusty Diamond.

COVER ART OF THE WEEK: Crime, an early punk band from San Francisco, only released three singles in a stint that lasted from 1976-1981 and included a few line-up changes. Their first single, “Hot Wire My Heart” b/w “Baby You’re So Repulsive” is considered the first punk record on the West Coast. It was released in late 1976 on their own Crime Music label and featured a sleeve design and photo by James Stark. It has been reissued numerous times since. (Click on image to enlarge)

DUSTY DIAMOND OF THE WEEK (a vintage gem from the STD vaults): The King Sound Quartet were a short-lived garage rock supergroup consisting of Mick Collins, Stefanie Paige Friedman, Tim Kerr and Alex Cuervo. Their two releases, a single and an EP (recorded in one session at Sweatbox in Austin), were a mix of diverse covers and group originals. “I Wouldn’t Put It Past You,” an original composition, is a scorching garage rocker with lots of feedback and Collins on vocals. It appeared in 1997 on the “The Getdown Imperative” EP on In the Red Records.  Listen to it here:

Promo art from Chris Hodge’s 1972 “We’re on Our Way” single on Apple Records. Original design and photograph are uncredited.