Album Review: For The Buried And The Broken

Posted on: February 8, 2024
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By Ryan Nims //

Boston-based melodic hardcore band, The Promised End, will release their debut album, For The Buried And The Broken on February 2nd via Sound Investment Records in the US and Gunner Records in Europe. Preorders are currently open at the respective labels.

The Promised End is made up of members of other Boston hardcore bands Landmine, Sky Tigers, and the Effort, and their music harkens back to foundational hardcore bands such as Minor Threat and Gorilla Biscuits, with a sprinkling of thrash thrown in for good measure. For the Buried And The Broken is an emotional and political record that clocks in at a brisk 25 minutes.

The album opens with a bang! “Worth” is fast, energetic, classic punk with a touch of metalcore in the interplay between the two vocalists. At just under three minutes, this is the longest song on the album.

“Everything Is War,” the band’s second single, is more thrashy, with pounding drums and fast guitar lines. The song’s breakdown leads to a chorus of voices screaming “Everything Is War” in one of the most dynamic moments on the album.

“Breakwater” calls to mind 90s Epitaph Records bands such as Bad Religion or The Offspring. The lyrics seem to be less political, and more personal with the repeated “If there’s anything you need, I’ll do anything for you,” and lines about calloused skin and broken hearts.

Other songs on the album move between post-hardcore, metalcore, and thrash, while being held together by a classic hardcore punk spirit.

The album closes with the single ”Smash and Grab,” a screed against religious nationalism. Much like “Everything is War,” the song closes with a chorus of voices backing up the singer.

For The Buried And The Broken is a solid debut. Fans of punk, metalcore, and even metal might find something in here that resonates with them. But overall, it is a punk album through and through. The first two singles are available on the band’s Bandcamp page. If you’re a fan of The Emo Diaries on KOOP, then chances are you’ll dig this one!