The Emo Diaries

Host(s): Stefny! at the Disco
A weekly trip through your middle school and high school Livejournal account
the emo diaries
4:30 pm -
6:00 pm

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The Emo Diaries

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Was your adolescence defined by Myspace, The OC, and high-angle selfies? Then The Emo Diaries is for you. Each week, Stefny! at the Disco takes you on an hour-long trip down memory lane through the pages of your middle school and high school Livejournal account. We all have embarrassing blog posts in our past – heck, maybe in our present – and this show will remind you that there’s always a way through the tough times. No matter how much we’ve grown though, we can all agree that it was never just a phase.


Stefny! at the Disco has been an emo kid since before being emo was cool. Her life has always revolved around music and none more-so than the emo umbrella, spanning shoegaze to hardcore to indie pop.

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