Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 4/24 @ 6pm

Posted on: April 24, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

The Morality & Untold History of Whistle Blowing from Vietnam to Ukraine, with 27 year Veteran former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern

Tonight’s show features the return of 27 CIA analyst Ray McGovern to Bringing Light Into Darkness. Ray was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990, and in the 1980s chaired National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief. He received the Intelligence Commendation Medal at his retirement, returning it in 2006 to protest the CIA’s involvement in torture. Ray provides a fascinating insight into intelligence and leaks over the years while providing a uniquely informed perspective and informed speculation on the recent leaks regarding Ukraine. Our guest provides a unique perspective and analysis on the past significance of whistle blowing by such actors as Dan Ellsberg and many others and the significance of whistleblowing in revealing how governments lie to their people in order to fix the facts around the policy of taking us into unjust wars and conflicts.

We begin the show with four different primary sources that contradict the Ukraine War narrative dominating the Mainstream Media and US government narrative when it comes to army forces lost on both sides of the Russia -Ukraine-NATO conflict and the implication that Russia has conducted this war with little or no regard for civilian life. We compare this narrative to the one’s surrounding Viet Nam with a specific emphasis on the understated Viet Cong Army strength and General Westmoreland request for an additional 206 thousand troops to win this war . Ray McGovern provides a detailed history on government deceit under the LBJ administration when it came to Vietnam and explains it was much more than the deceitful claims made to the American people about the winnability of Viet Nam, and about the winnability of the 20 year War in Afghanistan. Whistleblowing prevented an expansion of the Vietnam War into Laos and Cambodia despite the intentions of the LBJ administration as Ray McGovern reveals from his own experiences. A fascinating history is presented of deceitful intents. If we do not learn from history we allow the path to a premature extinction of our species to gain an unacceptable probability. Please join us tonight, as we consider if we are we being lied to once again, this time regarding the winnability of the Ukraine conflict?