Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 4/17 @ 6 PM

Posted on: April 17, 2023
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

62nd Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs: Lessons on the Nature of US Foreign Policy Misrepresentations to the US Public & a Tribute to Jane Franklin

Sixty two years ago today on April 17, 1961 US backed forces feigned a Cuban popular uprising and landed at the Bay of Pigs in a military invasion of Cuba with the intent to hide the US hand behind the scenes. Tonight, we reexamine the history surrounding that invasion and classified documents of that time leading up to the invasion that reveal the depths of deception used and those considered to dupe the US public. This history will show that we have a long history of the US government lying to the US public as a matter of policy rather than as simple aberrations.

The military history of the Bay of Pigs and the reasons that led to its failure and the first defeat of US imperialism in the western hemisphere are detailed. Research including data accumulated during my 5-6 visits to the Bay of Pigs over a 10-15 year period is shared as are declassified documents since released by our government some 30 or more years later such as Operations Northwoods that reveal the real motivations of our foreign policy that have remained well hidden from public scrutiny.

Bringing Light Into Darkness pays homage to a personal friend and mentor of mine that passed away in February. Jane Franklin, author of the historical chronology of US Cuban relations, entitled Cuba and the US Empire, taught me so much about US foreign policy towards Cuba. Jane also opened many doors within Cuba to me which included my personal visits and interviews with the former President of the National Assembly of Cuba, and former Cuban UN Ambassador, the honorable Ricardo Alarcon. President Alarcon opened additional doors for me such as my interviews with the Head of the Center of Immunology and other esteemed scientists. Jane was married to and leaves behind in this world, prolific author and dear friend, Bruce Franklin and a marriage of some 67 years!

Thank you, Jane Franklin, for your revolutionary example and mentorship!