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Posted on: December 19, 2022
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Bringing Light Into Darkness

Is the United States or Russia the Larger Obstacle to World Peace?

Tonight, our guest Scott Ritter returns to Bringing Light Into Darkness to discuss a host of themes connected to US foreign policy and the Ukraine-Russia NATO conflict. William Scott Ritter a former US Marine Corps intelligence who served with the UN implementing arms control treaties and with General Norman Schwarzkopf in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. Ritter oversaw the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), as a United Nations weapons inspector, from 1991 to 1998. He famously warned Congress and anyone who paid attention that there was no WMD. This life experience led him to later became a critic of United States foreign policy and challenge many of its public claims including those in Ukraine. Among the issues Ritter weighs in on are connected to the following questions.

Did you know that the US illegally occupies Syria and that from the theft, led by the US of Syria’s oil, gas and other minerals, as well as wheat since 2011 it is estimated that Syria has lost $19.8 billion and that the cost of the bombing by the Air Force of the Western coalition has cost Syria another $2.9 billion?
Did you know that the US enabled corruption led to a near complete theft of Russian state assets under Boris Yeltsin which plummeted the living standards of the majority population of the Russians in the 1990s and that since Putin took office those living conditions have consistently and significantly improved?
Is it possible the source of the hate of the west against Putin is because he has rebuilt Russia in the image that benefits Russia not the American empire and that is why we are so dead set against the guy?

Did you know that Ukraine and the US had dozens of bio-labs and custody of biological toxins within Ukraine since taking over former soviet facilities in 2005 but have not destroyed the toxins in apparent violation of the Biological Toxin Weapons Convention- which the US is a signatory of?

Ritter ends the show with a military update on what to expect this winter in the Ukraine-Russia-NATO War.