The KOOP Roundup Returns

Posted on: November 9, 2022
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Hamell on Trial

Hamell on Trial | 8pm, Tuesday, 11/08 | Antone’s | $15 | Punk/Spoken Word

Former Austin resident Ed Hamell brings to the stage his own one of a kind blend of aggression, humor, passion and politics. Described as “anti-folk”, Hamell strums tight and loud on his acoustic guitar. Like the Velvet Underground crossed with Bill Hicks, this show should make for a memorable experience.


Je’Texas | 11:30pm, Wednesday, 11/09 | C-Boy’s | $8 | Psychedelic Rock

Dropping with the sounds of psychedelia, soul, country, but most importantly Texas; Je’ Texas one of a kind musical stylings must be seen to be believed. This local trio, whose debut record drops early next year, bring a throwback sound with a thoroughly modern presentation and twist. Immersive, fuzzed out, but ultimately incredibly rhythmic, this will be an entertaining performance.

lingua ignota

Lingua Ignota | 8:30pm, Thursday, 11/10 | Paramount Theater | $20 | Alternative

Kristin Hayter’s stories of pain and abuse delivered through the incredibly cathartic sound of her music make her one of the most unique artists working today. A classically trained, Christian raised multi instrumentalist, her self described “survivor anthems” have elicited high praise from various publications. This show will be performed in two parts, one section dedicated to her own work, and the other dedicated to old school gospel and hymnal music, all of which should serve to highlight her singular talent. As she has just recently announced, at the conclusion of this tour she will be retiring this material from her live shows, so go see it performed before you miss out entirely.

Red Elvises

Igor and the Red Elvises | 10pm, Friday, 11/11 | Continental Club | $15 | Surf Rock

Back again at the Continental Club comes a group a little out of left field and across the Iron Curtain. A cult favorite as well as a personal one, the Red Elvises perform what they describe as “Serbian Surf Rock”. Now featuring a wide variety of musicians and nationalities in their line up, all tied together with humor and groove, this should be an absolute blast.

simon says

Simon Says | 8pm, Saturday, 11/12 | Radio Coffee and Beer | No Cover | Folk

Capping things off this week by highlighting one of the best cover bands around, Simon Says. An incredible collective of musicians from local legends like Brownout, Groupo Fantasma, and Hard Proof (not to mention a lead singer that nails every song note for note), these guys are THE Paul Simon cover band. Always a fun show without fail, go check them out (for free!) and get ready to participate in the inevitable conga line that forms when “Late in the Evening” plays.