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Posted on: November 21, 2022
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Updates from the Front by Scott Ritter: Ukraine, a Sacrificial Lamb of US Foreign Policy, or an Unprovoked Victim of Russian Aggression?

Our Introduction provides data that support the concerns and claims that as a result of a US enabled 2014 coup not only did the first European government since WWII come to power with a cabinet full of neo Nazi ideologues but that among the half dozen or more cabinet posts awarded to those neo Nazis were those that included those that oversaw the Ministry of Defense, the Armed forces, law enforcement, national security. Additionally, the position of Prosecutor General of Ukraine who oversees the judicial system was awarded to a neo Nazi. We provide evidence that suggests that the coup and repression that followed against ethnic Russians in the east and was led by far-right nationalists precipitated the separatist aspirations.

Special guest Scott Ritter (former UN Iraq weapons inspector) who unveiled the deceit behind the framing of the US led Iraq invasion in 2003 deconstructs many of the misrepresentations our government and its mainstream media are now promoting about the Russian- Ukraine- NATO- US crisis.

Among them include is it the US, NATO and Ukraine or is it Russia or are they all in violation of International Law? From 2014 until 2022 why did Russia refuse to recognize and support a separation of Donbass from Ukraine and sought a political solution through the Minsk Agreement. How could that have changed in a manner that is not in violation of international law? Who sabotaged, undermined and violated the Minsk Agreement that had been signed?
How many Russian troops were dedicated to their Special Miliary Operation (SMO)? How many Ukrainian troops and other non-Ukrainian military forces have been dedicated to the military conflict & what was NATO involvement in Ukraine before the SMO? What are the casualty numbers on both sides, civilians & military, & what does that tell us? In a fascinating account, Ritter describes and details how Ukraine and Ukrainian Armed forces are getting decimated.
When and how will the additional 300 thousand Russian troops and the additional100 thousand volunteers, a total Russian capability of a 400 thousand strike force, if they are ready as reported by the end of December or early January, how will that change the military theater? The ratios of losses indicate an unsustainable military situation for Ukraine. And it will now only get worse. Is the crime the Russian SMO or the US leading Ukrainians to slaughter, not on behalf of Ukraine’s national interests but in the interests of promoting a foreign policy that seeks to extend western hegemony and continue an unsustainable unipolar dominance over the world’s future? We don’t have all the answers, but this show includes important evidence that has been kept from the US public. We seek to bring light to that darkness so good, honest and courageous US public citizens who are interested in pursuing the truth no matter where it takes us, can develop a more informed position to decide what to believe and then rein our government and media as needed. Please join us tonight. Don’t be Late!