Bringing Darkness Into Light – Mon, 7/18 @ 6 PM

Posted on: July 18, 2022
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SyrianChildren(AFP) - pedro gatos

Col. Richard Black on Syrian US Foreign Policy Lies & Betrayal of 9-11 Families.

The lies and misrepresentations that led us to unjust sanctions and war in Iraq are relatively well known despite the fact they are largely forgotten. They are largely forgotten because of our media complicity in the failure to keep those important lessons in our rearview window. This failure of journalistic responsibility helped pave the way for the additional unjust US intervention policies regarding Libya in and Syria in 2011, that just like in the lead up to the criminal 2003 Iraq invasion, through omission and misrepresentations, once again became acted as an invaluable co-conspirator, allowing the repeat of criminal US foreign policy outcomes that have additionally killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians while displacing and impoverishing countless millions more as an outcome of illegally seeking to overthrow the legitimate governments of both nations.

Tonight, Colonel Richard Black the former conservative VA lawmaker, Vietnam veteran and legal expert who twice visited Syria and Assad in April 2016 and Sept of 2018, and one of the most credible voices of the counter dominant narrative regarding US foreign policy in Libya and Syria explains why he is “appalled at the indecency of US aggression towards Syria” and provides evidentiary observations from his unique Pentagon Intelligence experience that clearly implicates the US as being indispensable to helping and empowering terrorist organizations in Syria, rather than prioritizing the elimination of those responsible for 9-11.

That Assad gassed his own people in 2013, that ‘Assad started the Syrian conflict’ in 2011 by suppressing demonstrations; the impact the 2015 Russian air war military intervention vs the US air war that began a year earlier played in seeking to neutralize al Qaeda forces; and a detailed account of how US and NATO powers funneled thousands of terrorists from all over the world to fight Assad are all addressed in Part I of II by our guest who challenges common deceits generated by a mainstream press in the service of wealth and power rather right vs wrong.