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Posted on: April 25, 2022
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A Systemic Racism Primer Pt II on or about the 157th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination; Plus an Important 4/23/22 Ukraine-NATO-Russia War Update

In part II of this Systemic Racism Primer presentation we document how racial differences in income and education are important disparities but institutional racism adds much more damage to the psychological and physical health of African Americans. In addition to the quality of life deficits that arguably constitute a second class standard of living for most African Americans even those with similar education and financial standings live shorter lives.

The science based concept of ‘weathering’ is documented to help explain some of the hidden features of the oppression of systemic racism that African American population endure in a cumulative manner throughout their lifetime that results in increased susceptibility to a large number of diseases and in considerably less life expectancy here in the 21st century.

We replay a fascinating speech by Dr David R Williams in which he describes how through science ‘racism’ can be measured and quantified just as self esteem can. He shares three scales he developed including the Everyday Discrimination Scale, that captures nine items that captures experiences of discrimination in which the dignity and the respect of second class citizens is chipped away on a daily basis. He goes on to highlight how through language implicit bias is sown resulting in unconscious bias which foments unfair treatment of African Americans even by well-intentioned persons, and how medical care iniquities and other forms of iniquities are generated by institutional biases such as residential segregation.

We conclude the show with an important update on the unfolding events in the Ukraine and the pending Russian offensive in southeastern Ukraine with geopolitical expert and investigative journalist Mike Whitney.