Music that Celebrates the Love and Meets You Where You Are in the Hearbreak

Posted on: February 17, 2022
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“Music that Celebrates the Love and Meets You Where You Are in the Hearbreak”

That’s the tag line for Roses and Thorns, the show produced and hosted on Mondays by Miss Buttercup. I spoke with her on February 14th.

Michael A. Brown: Talk about the origin and evolution of Roses and Thorns and Miss Buttercup.

Miss Buttercup: I used to make mixed CDs as gifts for friends for birthdays, Valentines’ Day, and so on, with all kinds of music and genres. When I got introduced to KOOP via Doug the Canuck, I had to decide what kind of music show I wanted to do. Sweet love songs are OK, but I REALLY like melancholy music … the saddest songs and albums. For example, Stevie Wonder … everybody talks about his Innervisions album, but I prefer Fulfillingness’ First Finale because it’s sadder. Miss Buttercup came about because my favorite flower is the ranunculus. I Googled it and buttercup came out and I had my radio name!

MAB: What are some of the “Roses” songs and artists you play?

MB: Well, today is Valentines’ Day so I’m playing all love songs, which I hardly ever do. I’m playing Could It Be I’m Falling in Love by the Spinners and My Love Is by Little Willie John. My hope is that someone will hear one of the songs on the radio and sing it to their spouse to show they’re committed to love and celebrating love!

MAB: And the “Thorns” songs and artists … talk about them.

MB: There’s a bunch! I’ve Been a Mess Since You’ve Been Gone by American Music Club; I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You by Tom Waits. If She Doesn’t Devastate Me by The Real Heroes. Stevie Wonder’s Please Don’t Go. Careless Love by Camera Obscura. Reason to Believe by Tim Hardin where he sings “you laughed when I cried.”

MAB: When you hear from listeners, is it more often about a Roses song or a Thorns number? And how come?

MB: I’ll tell you this … people would rather be called a Thornhead than a Rosebud. When listeners e-mail me, they write, “I’m your Thornhead!” Nobody says they’re a Rosebud.

MAB: Back when we could have guests in the KOOP studio, you had some!

MB: One of my favorites was the songwriter and singer Dave Alvin, originally with the Americana band The Blasters. He came to the station the day after his Austin gig and he didn’t have to promote anything, and we had a terrific interview.

MAB: We’re about to start the KOOP Spring Membership Drive. What’s it like doing your show during Membership Drive?

MB: It’s fun! Lots of energy in the studio. Ms Pearl from Pearl’s General Store joins me and we have a great time. I try to play peppy songs even if they’re sad … there actually are some. It’s also fun to hear from listeners who call in to pledge and tell us that they appreciate KOOP. I even give them pet names like Sweet Magnolia Blossom, Cutie Sweetie Honey, Shugs, and Love Muffin.

MAB: Besides doing Roses and Thorns, what other sorts of things do you do at KOOP?

MB: I do peer reviews. And I just took over the KOOP Info Box, sorting and distributing all the e-mails that come in to the station. And I also am part of the collective along with Sonic George, Rocky, and Dennis Campa who host The Jazz Show.

You can hear Miss Buttercup on Roses and Thorns, Mondays at 11am and The Jazz Show on Saturdays at noon.

Interview by Michael A. Brown