Bringing Light Into Darkness – Mon, 1/17 @ 6 PM

Posted on: January 17, 2022
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To Celebrate MLK we are not silent: Does US Militarism & Extreme materialism defines us as the Greatest Purveyor of Violence in the World Today?

Special guests Rev Jim Rigby of St Andrew’s Church here in Austin Texas and Reverend Lloyd Griffom of Wharton Texas join Bringing Light Into Darkness to reflect and to share their interpretation of Dr King’s 4/4/1967 speech, Beyond Vietnam. Dr King declared eternal hostility to poverty, to racism and to militarism yet they all remain huge problems for our world 54 years later. Our guests share the importance of voting rights, the principle of unity and the primacy of taking personal responsibility in life both in pursuit of happiness and pursuing truth and accountability of our government’s prejudice on behalf of the wealthy as ‘extreme materialism’ has given some people much more power than one person one vote.

Dr King called out our foreign policy militarism and poverty as indicators that made us the greatest purveyors of violence. Yet few see that this reality continues until today and instead do we project this reality on other countries we claim are our enemies? Dr King implored us to seek and gain the humility to see United States foreign policy through the eyes and experiences of the majority populations in the countries we have intervened in and suggests we must be seen as ‘strange liberators.’

This show is dedicated to the lessons of Dr King that are largely ignored by our cultural despite our celebration of his legacy each year. We ask all to rededicate our focus to humility and the humility of truth, no matter where it takes us…. as it did Dr King. Please join us tonight!