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Posted on: January 10, 2022
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Dr Jack Ryan on Afghanistan – Revolutionary Past and 40 Years Since
We open the show with a compelling letter and indictment of US and UK persecution of and on behalf of Julian Assange by his mother Christine Assange. Our show focus includes the Afghan revolutionary government that took power in 1978 and the democratic reforms it introduced. A government that was largely overthrown with US backing yet we shed crocodile tears that women’s rights have been so compromised over the last 40 years since that overthrow.
Special guest Dr Jack Ryan professor of economic geography for 32 years is now 92 years of age. Dr Ryan was in Afghanistan during the early weeks of the revolutionary government and recently posted an extensive study on Afghanistan entitled Afghanistan: Before and After US Interverntion, published on 9/26/21 just one month after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Dr Ryan describes his findings: 3% of population owned 75% of land – most people got their land back. President Carter 7/3/79 secret $500m funding operation began clandestinely, as Operation Cyclone, well before Russian occupation. CIA could not get enough Afghanis to oppose govt, so they enabled Pakistani project of incubating Islamic terrorists in Pakistan madrasas and brought in Wahabbists from Saudi Arabia and other nations which metastasized into the Mujahadeen that attacked us on 9-11.
Dr Ryan describes operation Cyclone and the inconvenient fact that the actual emergence of the Taliban came in the vacuum that was created after this civil war that was promoted by the west and the madrassas alluded to earlier. He confirms that it is safe to say that the Taliban and the Mujahadeen were enabled if not an outright creation of our CIA foreign policy in that area. Under Taliban by2001 Opium wiped out but as soon as Us initiates its 2001 attack opium production gets bumped back up. We also discuss that drug money not only provides profiteering but more important is dark money off the books for the CIA to do whatever it wants to without congressional purse strings attached. Afghanistan attack never approved by the United Nations — it was essentially an illegal war never reported as such by the mainstream media, so therefore most people simply unaware of this as well as the fact that ost US invasion we took over the country and essentially created a corrupt government and restarted the opium drug trade.
We also discuss why mercenary armies we train to fight in Syria and Afghanistan and so many others lack a fighting spirit. We bring light to all that darkness and more.