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Posted on: December 4, 2021
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Our Addictive Culture, Chemical Use & Misuse and the Magical Host the Human Brain & Body, Pt IV of IV

This is part IV of a four-part series of shows entitled Our Addictive Culture, Chemical Use & Misuse, and the Magical Host the Human Brain & Body, with guest host and moderator Patricia Bucko. The focus of tonight’s show is a return to alcohol related issues although we start with some science-based comments on the veracity of whether chronic long term marijuana smoking can cause sterility and, medicinally speaking, its reported effectiveness as a pain medication.

Additionally, what you will discover if you tune into Bringing Light Into Darkness this Monday 12/6/21 at 6pm CST at –

1. What we will cover and explain regarding ethyl alcohol:
a. ‘Who’ invented alcohol?
b. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)- what are the factors involved in determining blood alcohol concentration and are their differences between men and women?
c. How fast does the body metabolize alcohol? Are there ways to sober up quickly? Do we really get rid of one drink per hour?
d. What is the lethal dose and the dose at which someone may likely slip into a coma when it comes to alcohol and alcohol intake?
e. Chemical Dependency (CD) on alcohol and other drugs (AOD) is a multifactorial disorder – what factors are involved that impact the probability I will or will not develop a CD or Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD)?

2. We will define ‘Addictive Culture’ by describing the acculturating influences that a ‘market driven economy’ has on shaping our choices. What is the relationship between a market driven economy and the culture it creates and its impact on our democracy and the health systems and drinking and drugging norms it influences?

3. What is the relationship between our addictive culture and the framing of the opiate crisis?