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Posted on: August 2, 2021
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The Cuba Informational Blockade & trying to Get Closer to the Truth of “Cuba” and the “Cuban Protests”, Pt II

Do not Believe everything you think…. especially when it comes to Cuba and the recent protests. KOOP’s own TJ Masters leads us through a maze of important but largely unaddressed issues in a dialogue and Q and A with host Pedro Gatos. We can promise it is likely you will learn much more about Cuba history and Cuba -US relations than you do presently.

We challenge the framing and the mainstream narrative of the unfolding protests in Cuba with data. We try to weave in several themes to help our audience get closer to the truth. One theme are older misconceptions that have been engineered by the same narrative heritage. Did Cuba refuse to provide adequate compensation for nationalized properties? Did Castro enrich himself at the cost to the Cubans he was serving?

The framing of Cuba coverage is challenged as overtly bias as it rarely provides comparative analysis with other Caribbean or Latin American nations and the absence of the recognition of what Cuba has provided the developing world through its medical and other internationalist forms of support. Life and death issues such as infant mortality and under age five mortality are ignored as is an honest interpretation of the cost to the Cuban economy of the embargo/blockade which is the environment Cuba has been in since 1960. We ask and answer questions not asked by our MSM such as how many lives would have been saved in the developing world if all countries had the same infant mortality rate as Cuba? How can you separate infant mortality rates, under age five mortality rates, literacy rates educational acumen from a critique of human rights?

The sitting president of the US Joe Biden in a 7/12/21 statement implies Cuba is botching their Covid response and the Cuban government is “enriching themselves”. Is this the case?

What if we were under unrelenting attack by a larger predatory nation for the past 60 years, would some of our ‘human rights’ be suspended or compromised? What country in 2006 was found to be the only country of the world that met the criteria for sustainable development? What was the criteria? We suggest examining the moral integrity of a nation and its government by its principled or unprincipled behavior. We have been taught that Cuba is unprincipled, but we challenge many of those narratives with information we have been blockaded from.

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Pgatos 8/2/2021

If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Malcolm X