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Posted on: March 28, 2021
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Men Drive Women Crazy & then Diagnose - pedro gatos

Senator Sarah Eckhardt, KOOP Women Activists, & Covid-19 Revelations of the Predatory System that Women Insulate the World Majority Population From

If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Malcolm X

With special guest, TX Senator Sarah Eckhardt and KOOP’s own, PJ Pullus, Lynn Cowles & Reshmi Chowdhury. This show is part of a four-show combination this week in celebration of the last week of International Women’s Month (IWM. We begin with Reflections of Community Outreach (ROCO) on Monday 3/29 followed by this BLID show at 6pm the same day. We are followed by Civil Rights & Wrong show focus on Tuesday 3/30 at 6pm and this collage of four shows that continue our KOOP IWM celebration ends with In Touch Interviews on 3/31/21 at 2:30pm.
The show introduction details the $10T (not billon!) of unpaid labor by women of the world contribute that augment the criminal wealth inequality divide produced by the predatory nature of the world economic system that the US and EU dominate through institutions such as the world Health Organization (WTO). We document how claims that pharmaceutical companies take significant risks and largely finance the science behind the Covid 19 vaccination development and production is completely misleading and false.
It is within this context that we then transition from the macro world level and how women significantly insulate the majority population from the hard edges of a profoundly undemocratic ‘profit over people’ priority, to the local US and Travis County level with our honorable women activist guests.
It is a great honor for BLID to present Texas Senator Eckhardt who reminds us that ‘the world may be unfair, but it is not inherently cruel’, and shares the three greatest things that are getting collectively rolled back here in the US, women’s reproductive health rights, public education, and free and welcoming access to vote. PJ Pullus who led KOOP’s efforts to bring the music of women together just one year ago as the Covid experience was beginning; Lynn Cowles who personifies dedicated activism and reveals the experiences of the disenfranchised in our community; And Reshmi Choudhury who shares the impact of the recent Atlanta horrific murders as part of the important insights she shares into the specific nature of racism that our Asian American population are subject to as well as the strengths they have brought to the fabric of our US culture.
Don’t be Late.
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