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Summer of Love - August 26

Show #567 & #568: Available for listening now!

Episodes #567 & #568 of Adventures in Sound are available for listening now at Radio Free America!

People United - June 23, 2017

People United features Luke Metzger on both the work of Environment Texas, which he directs, and the record of the 85th Texas Legislature on environmental issues.

Listen to an archive of this program here.

The Community Pilot Show

Fictitious the Magnificent presents The 10 Foot Pole edition

Esoteric music that no other station would touch with a proverbial you know what.

Vaya Con Dios – Escape Mechanism – Emphasis Added – 08 – Recombinations                            

Viva Discordia – That Handsome Devil – A City Dressed in Dynamite – 08 – LGM  

Playlist 6/15/17

The Isotopes – “D.O.A.” – ‘1994 World Series Champions’
The Old Wives – “Headaches and Boozehounds” – ‘Three’
The Wanna-Bes – “I’l Be All Right” – ‘Out Went the Lights’
CJ Ramone – “Run Around” – ‘American Beauty’
Parasite Diet – “Chrononaut” – ‘Coast to Coast’
Outtacontroller – “D-Train” – ‘Television Zombie’

George Washington Carver / Juneteenth & much more!

'Not just a day..
and year round,
Service to community .'

Tune in at 1:00 pm c
91.7 FM Locally

Join us for conversations with
Faith Weaver from the George Washington Carved Museum and cultural center join us to share some of the great things going on at the GWC and in the CommUnity.

Playlist for June 17, 2017

(background instro tunes in italics)
Salvation Army - Grimly Forming - s/t - Frontier
Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today - Machine Gun Etiquette - Ace
Resonance - Moto Rock - 7" - Sirocco
Infidels - A Thousand Years Ago - A Thousand Years Ago - Shake Some Action

People United - June 16, 2017

People United talks with David Campbell, not just the host's father, but also an environmental economist, a naturalized US citizen of Canadian origin, and a historical witness to major social and political changes from the 1960s onwards.

Listen to an archive of this program here.

Show #565 & #566: Still Available!

Hi Everyone!

You may know that all of KOOP's show are online at for two weeks after their intial broadcast.

The June 3 (#565) and June 10 (#566) editions of Adventures in Sound are still available for listening.

#565 is available until the morning of June 17, and #566 until the morning of June 24.


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