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playlist for 10/14/17

Bruce Harris "Ask Questions" Beginnings

Behn Gillece "Walk Of Fire" Walk Of Fire

Behn Gillece "Bag's Mood" Walk Of Fire


Cory Weeds "Let's Groove" Let's Groove

Cory Weeds "You And I" Let's Groove

Bill Charlap "Satellite" Uptwown Downtown

People United - October 13, 2017

People United features ecomomist James K. Galbraith on income inequality, public policy, and electoral politics in the Trump Era.

Listen to an archive of this program here.

Playlist 10-10-2017 Under the X in Texas-Texas Young Guns LCCS interview

<p>Playlist 10-10-2017 Under the X in Texas-HGost Ted Branson Tuesday's 9-11am KOOP 91.7FM<p>

<p>Preview of this years 2017 Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium Oct 11th thru 15th Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico<p>

<p>Interview with The Texas Young Guns at The Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium 2016<p>

<p>Tiffany Transcriptions Time<p>

Dark End of the Street - PLAYLIST FOR OCTOBER 10, 2017

Thanks for tuning in, lots of fun today. Please send requests, comments, questions to [email protected] ...

Playlist 10/5/17

The Dopamines – “Expect the Worst” – ‘Tales of Interest’
Hot Knife – “America’s Best Value” – ‘My Fangs’
The Lillingtons – “Zodiac” – ‘Stella Sapiente’
Robot Bachelor – “The Lodge” – ‘The Third House Boat Album’
Pkew Pkew Pkew – “Mid 20s Skateboarder” – ‘+ One’
Direct Hit! – “Blood on Your Tongue” – ‘Human Movement’

Playlist 9/14/17

The Slow Death – “Overrated” – ‘Punishers’
The Runouts – “Lame Brains”
Pkew Pkew Pkew – “Asshole Pandemic” – ‘+ One’
Boids – “Joys of Convulsing” – ‘Demo Bag’
Hot Knife – “Bug” – ‘My Fangs’
The Dahmers – “Beyond the Grave” – ‘In the Dead of Night’
New Swears – “Le Poison” - ‘and the Magic of Horses’
The Chinchees – “Pocano” – st

Boots on the Air - October 9, 2017

Monday, October 9 show: hosted by Michael A. Brown, Perry Jefferies, and Greg Ciotti.

Topic: “Veterans Financial and Legal Services” … all about what’s available from the City of Austin, local organizations, and non-profit businesses to guide and assist vets with their money and law-related matters.

Veterans’ news reported by Michael A. Brown

In-studio guests

Playlist for October 7, 2017

(background instro tunes in italics)
Bongos - Zebra Club - Drums Along the Hudson - Razor & Tie
Shades - Night II - Ward and June Never Understood... - Ray Gun
Perrey & Kingsley - The Savers - The Essential Perrey & Kingsley - Vanguard
Freshies - No Money - 7" - Razz

People United - October 6, 2017

People United hears about Youth Rise Texas, an organization that seeks to cultivate leadership skills of youth that have had to deal with the incarceration or deportation of someone close, from Giselle Garibay, Valeria Gonzales, Kymberlie Quong-Charles, and Silvia Zuvieta-Rodriguez.

Listen to an an archive of this program here.


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