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***Ear Candy Playlist - Saturday, August 2, 2003***

The Lucksmiths "The Perfect Crime" Naturaliste
The Radio Dept. "It's Been Eight Years" Lesser Matters
Felt "I Don't Know Which Way To Turn" Ignite The Seven Cannons
The Clientele "Lamplight" The Violet Hour
XTC "Earn Enough For Us" Upsy Daisy Assortments
Slant 6 "Eight Swimming Pools" Live From The
Threadwaxing Space Live 1993-1994

Ear Candy Playlist 8/16 and 8/23/2003

Hey kids,

Sorry for the delay but here's the playlists from today and last week. Be sure to tune in next Saturday for special guests, Voxtrot and Soviet!!!

And also, the KOOP Pledge Drive is coming up September 5-21. We would sure love your support!


Built to Spill – Carry the Zero – Keep it like a secret

Cub – Maneaters – Green Light Go compilation

Ear Candy Playlist 3/6/04

Thanks to everyone who pledged during Ear Candy today!
KOOP greatly appreciates the financial support!
The special theme I planned for this week's show was
influential bands for today's indiepop bands. I hope
it was educational as well as enjoyable.

Ear Candy playlist for 3/6/04:

Ear Candy

Ear Candy-A blend of indie pop and other strange, wonderful music.
Saturdays 12 pm to 2 pm

Thanks to Mark for helping us co-host this week's
edition of Ear Candy.

Ear Candy playlist for 3/29/03.

Ear Candy Playlist July 5, 2003

Greetings Kids!
Here's the playlist from last Saturday. Enjoy and be sure to tune in this Saturday to hear Jason (of KOOP's Potluck fame) fill in for Ear Candy while we're in San Francisco!!!
Ride-  Chelsea Girl - Smile
Echo and the Bunnymen - Do it Clean - Songs to learn and sing
CLinic - The second line - Internal Wrangler

Ear Candy playlist for October 4, 2003

Hey kids!
Sadly, my special guests, Niki and Andreas, were too
ill to deejay. There are a lot of yucky germs out sure to take
care of yourselves folks.
Luckily Andreas assures me he will be well enough to co-host Ear Candy with me on Saturday, October 18th. So you are in for a treat, my friends.....this man has qutie the record collection!

Ear Candy Playlist 1/10/2004.

Sadly Jason could not make it since his band, Voxtrot, played in Dallas the night before and could not make it back in time. Luckily Gary (of KOOP's Self Help Radio) agreed to step in and helped me to program an awesome segment of Ear Candy. Many thanks to him!

So here's what we played:

***Ear Candy Playlist - Saturday, January 24, 2004***

Thank you to Erin and Raini!!!!! For a rib-splitting, hard copy version of Ear Candy. Did I tell they were funny or what? Love those ladies.
Here is the Ear Candy playlist for 1/24/2004:

Ear Candy Playlist for 2/7/04

Thanks to the pretty and smart, Jillian, and the international playboy, Andreas, for co-hosting with me this past Saturday. As usual they brought lots of great tunes.

The Ear Candy playlist for 4/17/04.

I will be out-of-town for the Saturday, May 1st edition of Ear Candy but thankfully Gary has agreed to fill in for me. And as always when Gary hosts Ear Candy it's a real treat.


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