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KOOP Workshop
C/O KOOP Radio
PO Box 301899
Austin, TX 78703-0032

The KOOP Workshop is a place for new KOOP DJs to master the art of broadcast radio in a fun, low-stress & creative environment. Programmers are encouraged to use this opportunity to record a demo for a show submission.

Bluebird has been a volunteer with KOOP since 2011. She has engineered with NPA and music shows. Currently she hosts “The Gazing Ball” on Friday evenings.

Bryan has been a volunteer at KOOP since 2018. You may remember him from the comic book themed program “The Pull List”. When he’s not living out his childhood DJ dreams at KOOP, you can find him flipping through back issues at any one of Austin’s fine comic book establishments or just trying to make the world a better place for all of us.

DJ Flower Punk has been a volunteer with KOOP since the summer of 2021, and is currently the host of the electronic music show “The Microchip Revolution” and co-hosts KOOP’s long-running experimental music show, “Commercial Suicide”. Aside from being a voice on the airwaves, he is an experimental filmmaker & visual artist.

Hollapino is the host of D00MSCR0LLING on KOOP, spinning hip-hop, house, and R&B on a given night. He also volunteers on a variety of teams at KOOP & currently serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer. Big fan of big bangers and little dogs.