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Fais Do Do
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Fais Do Do is a weekly celebration of the diverse music of Louisiana. Covering any music that has a link to the state, some of the DNA may be a bit diluted but there should always be a connection. As the folks of the state like to say ‘Any music worth listening to came from here in some way or another.”

Genres typically covered on any particular episode are likely to include Cajun, Zydeco, New Orleans R&B, Brass Band, Blues, Americana and maybe occasionally some country.
The majority of the music comes from my personal collection that I have been working on for over 40 years and is made up of vinyl, cassette and CD’s. There may be songs played by artists not from there but perhaps the song was written on a session musician on the cut was from there. Again, there is always some sort of a link.

Fais Do Do isTom Mahnke began hosting the show in Sept. of 1996. Born in New Orleans and have been a fan of the music of Louisiana my entire life.
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