Darkest Before Dawn

Sat: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Studio Line: 512-472-KOOP (5667)

Darkest Before Dawn
C/O KOOP Radio
PO Box 301899
Austin, TX 78703-0032

For over 10 years, Darkest Before Dawn with hosts DJV and DJ AsuraSunil has been the show that brings you the finest in Goth, Industrial, and Other Related Genres from the past through the present day.

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DJ Sunil & DJV DJV (djv@koop.org) – I’ve had a passion for radio since I was a child.  It was always on growing up  My dad used to play me old records that featured recordings of old rock and roll DJs.  The patter and cadence of these folks fascinated me.  I used to do impressions of radio DJs to entertain my parents.  I discovered KOOP shortly after I moved to Austin in 1997.  It quickly became my favorite station due to the variety of the programming. After an unfortunate event kicked the station off the air in 2006, I attended a volunteer orientation because I wanted to give back to my favorite radio station,  At that meeting, we were invited to participate in training to become a KOOP Programmer.  I jumped at the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream to become a radio DJ.  I am so grateful to KOOP for allowing me this opportunity and look forward to the future of this radio station.