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In 1977, NASA launched twin probes into deepest space, each bearing a message for whatever intelligent life it might encounter there: a gold record embossed with the sounds of life on earth. The record included greetings in dozens of languages, recorded bird- and whale-song, and 60 minutes of human music from around the world—our planet’s greatest hits. The name of that mission was “Voyager”.

Each new week brings you music worthy of otherworldly attention, this mission—also dubbed Voyager—recognizes no borders of nation or genre, instead blazing a path along the chill-to-ambient spectrum with a weekly mix of jazz, library music, folktronica, fourth world, chillout, found sound, and more. Expect occasional diversions into weird rock, freaky fusion, and lo-fi outsider territory. More than just a mixtape, Voyager aims to be a weekly vibrational alignment, helping listeners start their week off on the left foot.

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