The Radio Still Screams

Host(s): Rock N Roll George
Classic rock from an alternate universe 1964-2010
The Radio Still Screams - Rock N Roll George
3:00 pm -
4:30 pm

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The Radio Still Screams

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The Radio Still Screams is 90 minutes of classic rock from an alternate universe, 1964-2010, where black is white, up is down, Hawkwind sold more records than the Bee Gees, and Steve Perry worked the night shift at Denny’s. All the hits that missed. Punk, metal, garage, psych, power Pop and post punk rule the roost along with their noisy, unruly children. Featuring the Ramones song of the week at 4 PM.

Rock N Roll George says: ‘Experiencing The Ramones in July of 1977 from the safety of the womb, a course was set for a life time of sonic exploration, to dive deep and find the best Rock N Roll and share it with the world.’

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