Reflections Of Community Outreach

Host(s): Michael A. Brown, Liz Ross, Lynn Cowles, Kendall and John Antonelli
Gives voice to KOOP Community Organization Members and other locals who are doing good in our community.
1:00 pm -
1:30 pm

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Reflections Of Community Outreach

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Reflections Of Community Outreach, ROCO, is an award-winning News and Public Affairs program created and sponsored by the KOOP Community Council (to give voice to non-profits that are KOOP Community Organization Members and other local individuals and organizations who are doing good in our community. ROCO is a Community Outreach effort offering informative dialogue with local organizations working to make a difference especially within the under served community. This faithfully follows KOOP’s mission statement as a community radio station and KOOP’s Community Council’s specific role to reach out into the community. The program is currently administered, produced and hosted by a Collective who rotate each week to bring as many perspectives to the shows in an attempt to reach the widest range of listeners.

The Collective is currently made up of the following members:

1st Mondays – Eat Good Radio with John & Kendall Antonelli

2nd Mondays –  Boots on the Air with Michael A. Brown, Perry Jefferies, and Greg Ciotti  

3rd Mondays – In Touch with Lynn Cowles

4th Mondays – The Sex Ed Show with Liz Ross      

occasional 5th Mondays – special programming  


Michael A. Brown is a news and public affairs producer and co-host of KOOP’s Boots On the Air, for and about US military veterans. His broadcasting background includes: American Forces Radio and Television Service, Southern Command Network (SCN) radio and TV news reporter and on-air anchor. News reporter, KXRX-AM, San Jose, California. Degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Communications from San Jose State University, with additional studies at the University of Virginia and American University.

Michael is retired after 34 years as owner and president of BtoBEngage in Austin, marketing advisers and sales trainers for the business-to-business marketplace. Besides KOOP, Michael volunteers in public affairs for the American Red Cross.


Liz Ross is excited to host The Sex Ed Show on 91.7 KOOP. They are incredibly passionate about sex education because of the important role it plays in increasing awareness, reducing rape, decreasing violence, family planning, and more. Their goal with the show is to decrease the awkwardness people feel in discussing sex in general, break down stigmas and false stereotypes, share resources, and provide a safe space for sex education.


The Eat Good Radio with John and Kendall Antonelli of Antonelli’s Cheese hopes to carry on the long KOOP tradition of representing the food industry in all of its aspects. Each month, we feature a guest who is spreading joy through food in atypical ways. And we explore how the community is built and sustained through food. 

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