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Host(s): Parke
A pansexual genre agnostic sonic sensation for every occasion.
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Studio Line: 512-472-KOOP (5667)

Mood Ring

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Tune-in each week for sets curated to meet the mood of your living room, jaunts, and wildest dreams. Find new gems and savor old favorites. A queer utopia! Change, evolve and repeat! Be yourself! Let the music move you. Hosted by Parke, an aesthetic and multimedia creative and musical enthusiast living here in Austin, TX.

Parke (she/they) grew up between NJ and Austin in the 90’s a latch key kid, with arts and public access media as the link to like minded communities of outsiders, weirdos, cool kids, revolutionaries and randos. Since then they’ve cultivated a love for locally invested and media rich communities like KOOP. A multimedia queer creative by passion and trade, she is often out and about around the town supporting the arts and collaborating with kindred souls.

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