Let’s Talk About It

Host(s): Miss Be-Haven, Mindy Reed, Nora Redfern, Michelle Manning-Scott, The Math Muse
A rotating collective of programs dedicated to discussions on a variety of local arts, organizations, & societal issues.
talk about it
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Let’s Talk About It

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1st Monday: KOOP Community Partners Chat
2nd Monday: Classically Cultured
3rd Monday: Math Musings
4th Monday: Bodies in Motion

KOOP Community Partners Chat provides a platform for Austin area non-profit organizations who have chosen to partner with KOOP by joining our Community Organization Membership Program. Interested organizations will be given the opportunity to be guests on the program in order to highlight the mission, work they do and programs they provide to the Austin area community at large via an interview style format that will be co-hosted by Nora Redfern and Michelle Manning-Scott.
Visit KOOP Community Partners Chat to hear the latest edition of the show.

Classically Cultured with host Miss Be Haven brings you interviews with black musicians and composers in the world of classical music. Miss Be Haven shares news about the classical music industry, events, artist residency programs, fellowships, and other training opportunities to help classically trained musicians and composers cultivate their craft.
Visit Classically Cultured to hear the latest edition of the show.

Math Musings is hosted by Lauren Siegel (The Math Muse). The program is for everyone who loves math or loves to hate math. It includes conversations with people inspired by and inspired to do math, and interesting ideas and historical connections that bring math to life.
Visit Math Mussings to hear the latest edition of the show.

Bodies in Motion, hosted by Mindy Reed, explores the impact of body image in the eyes of society, culture, media, marketing, and individual perspectives. Who and what defines beauty? Should bodies be categorized? Is there, as it says in the Miss America song, “an ideal?” The show will include interviewing guests in-studio, and remotely and coverage of the topic in the news and on social media.
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