HeartbeatZ Indigenous Hour

Host(s): Ken Z
Exploring sounds of the World through the word Indigenous
6:00 pm -
7:00 pm

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HeartbeatZ Indigenous Hour

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The term Indigenous.. for us two-leggeds or 4-legged walkers, swimmers,
crawlers, or flyers born of environments on our Mother mundo inclusive.
We might still call ourselves American Indian or ‘NdN,’ as this warmer world
hears fewer species daily, amidst ever-expanding human populations .. but
All have distinctive Voices: they’re who we pay attention to in this sonic mix!
Mostly musical – we curate educational features too – of an ecological or a
cultural nature, with weekly Indian Country Today [] headlines.
Eclectic styles, themes & languages permeate that river between your ears.

Ken Z (McKenzie-Grant) brings 4 decades of active listening & participatory
experience to non-commercial programming like TEBC’s stream & airwaves.
While original Program Manager of UT’s Student Radio station – now KVRX,
he conducted a 1994 blessing of smoke for KOOP’s first day on-air, from the
old downtown studios .. a native Texan military brat, a ‘busybody’ of Mestizo
or mixed-blood European, Indigenous-American (Lumbee/Tsalagi) & African
(Malian) ancestry. Family history in ATX dates from ’64, with long established
relationships rooted in various local ‘communidades.’ If requests, comments,
or suggestions pop up as you listen to our HeartbeatZ, get in touch! Wado.

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