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Exclamation! What’s the point? To have fun with upbeat/high energy music!
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Exclamation! is a weekly show of high-energy, up-beat music that spans the genres. From new wave, indie, alternative, funk, world, psych, pop through the decades and so much more; Exclamation! is here to have a good time and get you from Wednesday night to the weekend.

Exclamation! it hits the mark!

Born from parents who met working at the Renaissance Faire, DJ Cameron aka DJ Saltnteppa was always fated to be somewhat of a character. He enjoys the oddities of life and wherever he’s lived, he’s cranked that radio dial to the left to find the community/college/public radio station. Originally from Southern California, he moved to Austin in 2016 (not many of them here) and has called it home since.

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