Double Heads Variety Hour

Host(s): Matt Fox and Dillon Minacci
A Tale of Two Themes: Sometimes it Complements, Sometimes it Contradicts
Double Heads Thursdays
6:00 pm -
7:00 pm

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Double Heads Variety Hour

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The Double Heads Variety Hour seeks to answer the question “is two actually better than one?” Part music discovery, part comedy, and part educational, DHVH is an experiment presented by two DJs whose tastes overlap just as much as they run from one another. Each episode features two separate musical themes – one picked by each DJ – with selections played side-by-side. Will avant-garde saxophone soloists pair well with outlaw country? Will electronic drones and metal drones find common ground? There’s only one way to find out! The constantly changing music landscape provides unique juxtapositions and opportunities to explore genres within each week, and mainstay segments such as “Probably Plant Talk,” “Fan Mail,” and “The Thereminute” provide stability and laughs throughout.

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