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Incorporates the psychotic aesthetic of the Mad Daddy and the Wavy Gravy LP Four Hairy Policemen.
Darkside Daddy
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Darkside Daddy

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Many a moon ago, in Cleveland OH, there was DJ named Pete Meyers. While on air, Mr. Meyers called himself the Mad Daddy. The Mad Daddy was a master of rhymin’ and jivin’ and invented his own personal lexicon which he manically delivered drenched in reverb and echo. One of the Mad Daddy’s favorite verbal inventions was “Wavy Gravy” which he described as a cauldron of bubbling vinyl. This Wavy Gravy would turn to hit records when Mad Daddy ladled it on to his turntables. The show, broadcasted weekday evenings, was so popular that other stations in Cleveland just went off the air while it was on.

Flash forward many years later, and an aspiring DJ heard a record called “Wavy Gravy; Four Hairy Policemen.” The record featured some of the craziest R&B tunes ever sliced into slabs of vinyl along with exploitation movie trailers and other such audio detritus. And there was also a brief aircheck of the Mad Daddy rhymin’ and jivin’ and introducing a song called the Greasy Chicken by Andre Williams. The aspiring DJ was gobsmacked and decided he would incorporate the psychotic aesthetic of the Mad Daddy and the Wavy Gravy album into a show of his very own.

Since no “normal” station would have an interest in airing anything so ridiculous, the aspiring DJ decided that KOOP in Austin would be a natural home for his unique brand of radio hijinks. During his initial visit to KOOP, the aspiring DJ discovered an entrance to a vast expanse of caves and catacombs that just so happened to be located beneath the station’s studios. The whole scenario was pretty similar to “The Goonies,” actually.

Since the DJ was also looking for someplace cheap to live, he decided to go ahead and move into the caves and set up his own little studio. The DJ named himself Darkside Daddy as a tribute to Pete “Mad Daddy” Meyers.

Darkside Daddy

At first, the Darkside Daddy would break into the KOOP broadcast day at random times and hijack the airwaves, for just a while. Well, this did not sit real well with KOOP mucky-mucks, no sirree. But for some reason, they took a shine to the show, perhaps because they knew NOBODY ELSE WOULD DARE BROADCAST IT, and that’s just the sort of thing they like. Go figure. Anyways, they offered the Darkside Daddy a consistent time in the KOOP schedule and he’s been on the air ever since.

Darkside Daddy is a DJ at KOOP Radio and looks nothing like his profile picture.

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