Czech Melody Time

Host(s): Thomas Durnin
Historical and contemporary Texas-Czech, German and Polish folk music
Czech Melody Time - Thomas Durnin

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Czech Melody Time

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A Texas music program with historical insight given into the Czech, German and Polish music and culture in Texas, and how this music, one of Texas’ oldest yet least known folk music forms, evolved and persists to the present day. How these European cultures fit into the wider Texas experience is examined, along with the evolution of the music. A language lesson is presented along with a state-wide calendar of events relating to Texas-Czech, German and Polish music and culture.

Thomas Durnin originated this program at KOOP back in the spring of 1995 and has been hosting ever since. He is an avid collector of many genres of music and a semi-professional musician, having played in country/western swing and traditional jazz groups. He joined the Austin-based Texas-Czech polka band the Dancehall Boys in 1997, which became the Czech Melody Masters in 2000 and continues to play with this group. He has also played gigs with several other Texas-based Czech bands.

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