Both Kinds of Music

Host(s): DJ Salty Cracker
In the never-ending battle against the scourge of Genericana, Both Kinds of Music scours the Earth to bring you the best new and recent releases from independent/underground country artists.
Both Kinds of Music
8:00 pm -
9:00 pm

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Both Kinds of Music

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Both Kinds of Music started on Tumblr in 2009 as a way to share pics and videos of classic country stars. It evolved into exploring the resurgence of underground country music. The radio show was added in 2012 in NYC, relocated to LA and sputtered out during the pandemic, but lives again on KOOP. Over the years DJ Salty Cracker (he’s grumpy, white and square), has interviewed Croy and the Boys, Kelsey Waldon, Charley Crockett, Emily Nenni, Jesse Daniel, Dylan Earl and many more. We’ll be spinning new music from artists outside the mainstream and bring in musicians from the local scene along with others passing through while playing a show.

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