Bloodstains From The Grave

Host(s): Rock N Roll George, Miss Novak and Dan Cofer
What is this noise on your radio? It’s BLOODSTAINS FROM THE GRAVE!!!
Bloodstains from the Grave
3:00 pm -
3:30 pm

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Bloodstains From The Grave

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THRILL to the sounds of untamed adolescence!

HEAR how bands like The Seeds sprouted bands like The Ramones!

FEEL The Fuzz pouring out of your speakers!

Tune in each week as we follow the footprints, look at the claw marks and examine BLOODSTAINS FROM THE GRAVE!  Each week one of your hosts – Rock N Roll George, Miss Novak and Dan Cofer –  trace the history of punk: from its garage roots in the 60’s, to its branches in the 70’s, to its formidable limbs in the 80’s, and to the colorful array of punk rock foliage up to the present day!

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