Be Kind Rewind

Host(s): Melinda Bee, Lacifer, Kim Simpson, Scott Gardner
A totally tubular show about the 80s
Be Kind Rewind
3:30 pm -
4:30 pm

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Be Kind Rewind

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Be Kind Rewind showcases the diverse music of the 80s, popular as well as lesser-known, and
adds a cultural component to give the listener a totally awesome nostalgia fix.

Your Be Kind Rewind Hosts

Melinda Bee – Melinda Bee is on a mission to share her diverse taste in and knowledge of music, which happily includes the 80s. She’s seen The Cure ten times, has enough Duran Duran 12″ mixes for a two-hour-plus set, and can recite Repo Man by heart. You can hear her as well on The Africa Express on Fridays and as a rotating host on both The Lonesome Stranger and The Geography Of Sound on Thursdays.

Scott Gardner – Scott Gardner, one of KOOP’s original programmers, loves showcasing lesser-known bands and music from various eras. You can also hear him party down every Saturday night on Stronger Than Dirt.

Lacifer – (Lacifer being a nod to her little-known devilish streak) is a recent addition to KOOP’s roster of programmers as well as being a longtime listener. Lacifer may have missed the first couple years of the 80s, but got there “as fast as she could!” And then spent the next 30 years entrenched in a tortured nostalgia for the music, fashion, and movies that range from cheesy to underground. Off the air she can be found two-steppin’, singing and momming for her creatures (human and canine).

Kim Simpson – Kim Simpson is an Austin-based musician, writer, musicologist, teacher, and DJ. He also hosts The International Folk Bazaar on Wednesdays and co-hosts The Geography of Sound on Thursdays. He is currently recording a cover album of songs from the early ’80s.

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