Around the Town Sounds

Host(s): Lorrie Darlin’, Parke, Tim Hertenberger
Around the Town Sounds spotlights Austin area musicians past and present
11:00 am -
12:00 pm

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Around the Town Sounds

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Digging deeper into Austin music. Since its inception some decades ago, this multiple winner of KOOP’s Silver Mic Award for “Most Austin” Show has spanned the breadth of work by Austin area musicians past and present. Austin musicians are invited to submit their music – new or old – to Around the Town Sounds for airplay consideration.

Lorrie Darlin’ – Miss Darlin’ has been a member of Around the Town Sounds since February 2018. When she’s not on the air, she’s driving boats on Ladybird Lake or out catching a show on Red River.

Parke (she/they) grew up between NJ and Austin in the 90’s a latch key kid, with arts and public access media as the link to like minded communities of outsiders, weirdos, cool kids, revolutionaries and randos. Since then they’ve cultivated a love for locally invested and media rich communities like KOOP. A multimedia queer creative by passion and trade, she is often out and about around the town supporting the arts and collaborating with kindred souls.

Tim Hertenberger is no stranger to country, having graced the KOOP airwaves with the excellent Country Standard Time, The Land of Rhythm and Pleasure, and served as co-host of American Pop. An accomplished musician in his own right, Tim brings his wealth of musical knowledge to the program.

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