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Pleasure Venom’s latest single “Fascist” is a cathartic release of the tangible anger and tension that many of us have felt for so long. Crackling with energy from start to finish, the song brings back memories of getting thrown around in the middle of a crowd at Hotel Vegas. Singer Audrey Campbell elaborated on the meaning of the track for its premier on AFROPUNK: “As I write this, racism still runs rampant in America. Sharing on your social feeds because it’s trendy is not enough to end a systemic, generational problem. Even a pandemic cannot stop the rampant racism, classism, bigotry and homophobia when it should be a time to come together against these fascist ideals and build something new. There were Black lives lost, particularly Black trans people murdered last year that have resulted in no arrest, conviction, or justice for anyone. And now the nation’s capitol has been stormed by fascist pawns. We wrote this song almost a year ago, so don’t tell me no one else saw this coming.” Consider this one recommended listening as we all continue to work on staying informed and active in our communities. There’s nothing like a great punk song to keep the energy going in this long uphill battle to a better future.

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Review by Sarah Ronan

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