The chart below illustrates the new system for organizing KOOP’s Music Library. Due to a limited choice of colored labels, there are only 9 sections, with genres lumped together in a (hopefully) logical fashion. The system is similar to the old one, but instead of cutting and combining labels to denote sections, genres are noted with a simple letter code — which is usually the first one or two letters of the genre name. Examples are given below. The World music section differs in that it uses a white label with colored letters.

Color Label: Genres:

(red label)
Rock, Pop, Indie, PUnk, Alternative, Metal, PRogressive, Folk Rock (FR), New Wave (NW), DIsco

(green label)
Country, Folk, Americana, BLuegrass, Country Western (CW), Rockabilly, ALternative

(blue label)
Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues (RB), CAjun, Zydeco, Ragtime, SWing

(yellow label)
Reggae, SKa, Caribbean (CB), Calypso, Afro-Cuban (AC)

(light blue label)
Hip Hop, Urban, Rap

(pink/violet label)
Electronica, House, Trip-Hop (TH), Ambient, Techno

(orange label)
Adult Contemporary (AC), New Age (NA), CHristian, Spoken Word (SW), Comedy, Lounge, Holiday, Kids, Soundtracks, CLassical

(white label with red circle around it)
Latin, Tex-Mex (TM), Mexican, Central American (CA), BRazilian, South American (SA)

(white label with colored letters)
World: Celtic (green), EUropean (blue), ASian (pink), Middle Eastern (ME) (violet), AFrican (red), Native American (NA) (orange), AUstralian (brown)