Community Council. KOOP Bylaws describe the structure and basic duties of a Community Council, advising the Board of Directors and supporting KOOP’s development and community outreach. Positions on the

Community Council are filled by election of vote of active Members.

Community Council Officers. The Community Council shall have three officer positions, to be selected by the members of the Community Council at the first council meeting following the KOOP annual election:

  1. Community Council Chair

  2. Community Council Vice Chair

  3. Community Council Secretary

The Community Council is responsible for championing our KOOP culture among our membership and in the community. The council establishes and maintains relationships with community organizations, advocates for inclusion and diversity, seeks out barriers that inhibit participation and advises the KOOP Board and leadership around opportunities for excellence and improvement.

The Community Council provides support and serves as a source of organizational knowledge for KOOP members and volunteers. The Community Council may sponsor orientation sessions and peer support or social events for new or returning volunteers.

The Community Council maintains standards for how KOOP represents itself in community events and outreach efforts and may organize a calendar of recommended outreach events for the General Manager to consider for planning and staffing.

Continued absence of an elected member of the Community Council, without explanation or remediation, may be recognized by a majority vote of the Community Council members as a resignation.

Member Advocate. The Community Council is responsible for appointing a Member Advocate and ensuring that the Member Advocate is available to hear and investigate reports of policy violations, ethics issues, or

conflict. The Community Council may determine an appropriate method for selecting a Member Advocate, so long as the selection involves input from the General Manager. If the Member Advocate position becomes vacant, the Community Council shall ensure a new Member Advocate is named and available within three weeks of the vacancy. A Member Advocate selected without input from the General Manager shall be considered an interim Member Advocate.

The Member Advocate must treat all reports confidentially, involving others as needed, on a limited basis, and with acknowledgement of the submitter, in order to investigate or resolve the issue. When others are engaged on such an issue, effort should be made to balance the background and experience required to consider the issue from the perspective of the submitter, the station, the community, and appropriate governance or legal authorities. The Member Advocate and any additional individuals engaged to investigate or provide guidance on the issue must maintain the confidentiality of all matters related to the issue. The Member Advocate may also bring such issues to the General Manager or Board of Directors for resolution if appropriate and must report annually to the board a summary of reports raised, addressed, or still open.